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ASL and LSQ as Second Language Professional Development

This series of eCourses is intended for instructors already fluent in ASL to gain the necessary training required to teach ASL/LSQ as a second language in Ontario high schools following the established curriculum.

Requirements: 258HUB Account; ASL/LSQ fluency

Infant Hearing Program ASL Services

Specialized training for IHP ASL Consultants and staff/partners under the Infant Hearing Program in Ontario.

Requirements: 258HUB Account; Must work for IHP ASL Services or as a professional under the Infant Hearing Program.

S5 Dynamic Learning Initiative

Deaf Literacy Initiative offers courses for practitioners and managers of Deaf and DeafBlind literacy programs, as well as those who are interested in becoming literacy practitioners.

Requirements: 258HUB Account; LBS Practitioner/Volunteer/Employee; Ontario Resident