About 258HUB

Why 258?

Is this some secret code? In a way, yes, it is!

It’s a slang term used by Deaf communities to mean “very interesting!” which is signed using the handshapes 2, 5 and 8.  Very interesting!

It describes our online learning philosophy perfectly.

Our Mission

258HUB is an eLearning platform with specialized eCourses in ASL and English. These courses are designed for members of American Sign Language communities.

Who owns 258HUB? We all do! All our partners are equal owners. On the website, you will see the phrase “Powered by Silent Voice Canada.”

Behind the scenes, Silent Voice Canada works to maintain the platform and provide support.

What Do Our Clients Say?

“When we described our vision to the team at Silent Voice, they instantly understood and knew what we needed. They went to work developing a curriculum, a framework, and a format for the eCourses. They set up everything.

When they brought their work to us, we were blown away by what they accomplished. We are so lucky to have them as partners! They completely understood our needs, and they developed training that would support the success of our practitioners.”

Anselmo DeSousa
Acting Executive Director

isometric illustration of laptop

Interested in becoming a partner to provide your own online courses?

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