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ASL and LSQ as Second Language Professional Development
ASL and LSQ as Second Language Professional Development

ASL Constructing Process

The ASL Constructing Process eCourse is part of the ASL as a Second Language Professional Development series. This course will discuss the process and framework of the ASL constructing process and strategies for teaching ASL construction. This course is taught by Heather Gibson, OCT, and Margaret Nixon Chorniak, OCT. The course is geared toward current and future teachers teaching ASL as a Second Language (LASBO) in Ontario.

NOTE: This course will still be open to anyone (e.g., teachers from other provinces, community members, etc.). You are welcome to learn more about ASL as a Second Language being taught in Ontario high schools. However, the live session will be prioritized for teachers who are currently or will be teaching ASL as a Second Language.

L2PD courses are not for learning ASL.

(Disponible uniquement en anglais en ASL)

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Professional Development




ASL, English






September 26, 2023

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