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What can we help you with?

Answers for frequently asked questions and solutions for common issues.

I can’t log on! How do I reset my password?

If you have not been able to log on, please visit our password reset form.

Once you submit, wait at least ten minutes for the password reset email from 258HUB and make sure to check your spam folder.

Submitting another request before receiving the email will cause that first email’s password reset link to expire and you will need to wait for the second email. If you not received those emails, please contact us.

Why do we have to request access for some courses?

For all course providers with professional development course requirements:

Look for Request Access To: on our registration form and your account detail page. This will allow you to request access to professional development courses you want to take. Select the course provider and provide information they ask from you, this is so we can confirm you meet their course requirements. For example:

If you are a student, select their name and the exemptions that apply to you such as residency.

If you’re an employee or instructor, select the course provider you work for and then select the exemptions that apply to you.

Please allow for 24-48 hours for our partners to process your access request. You will be notified by email. Once approved, you may log back on to add their courses to start taking them.

Why do I get a message that says I must be approved by the course provider first when I add a course from your catalog or course page?

This means you are not logged in or if you are logged in and you don’t have approval because your approval request is still being reviewed or you have not been approved.

If you are logged in and have been approved, you can visit our catalog to add any professional development courses by that course provider then complete the checkout process.

How do I add community courses?

You don’t need to! Community courses are available on our website to everyone and can be accessed anytime without a 258HUB account!

How do I add professional development courses?

All professional development courses require a 258HUB account and course provider approval to take their professional development courses.

Log on your 258HUB account and on your account details page under Request Access To, make sure you select the course providers you want access for their professional development courses. This will allow course providers to review your request and grant you permission to add and enroll in their courses from our catalog page.

When you get course approval email notifications, you can log on and add those courses from our catalog. After you check out those courses, you’ll find them on your dashboard.

How do I find my professional development courses after I enroll?

You’ll find them on your account’s dashboard.

To take professional development courses, you’ll need a 258HUB account. You can request access to those courses when you create a new account or after you create your account. Please see “Why do we have to request access for some courses?” below.

Community courses do not need a 258HUB account and are available on our website.

Why do I see my account details again during check out?

You get an opportunity to make sure your information is up to date before you complete the check out process.

Why do I get a pop up window saying to update my profile?

That means your profile is not complete and that you should go to your account details page to update it. You won’t get the pop up notice again after you save your updated account information.