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November is Financial Literacy Month

To take part of Financial Literacy Month this November, we’re highlighting Deaf Youth HUB’s financial literacy course right here on 258HUB! It’s free and the course is in ASL. Start the course here.
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Deaf Literacy Initiative Fall eCourses Available Now!

From October 2 to November 27, you can take the following Level 1 Practitioner Training courses: DLI 101 – Introduction to Literacy, DLI 102 – Introduction to Curriculum and DLI 103 – Introduction to Assessment. To get approval to take those courses, you need a 258HUB account and can register…
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New Deaf Youth HUB courses!

The courses Financial Literacy and High School Transition Planning from Deaf Youth HUB are on our website now. Head over to our catalog and click on Deaf Youth Hub to view the new courses. No registration required!
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Become a partner today!

If you have been providing courses, have you thought about joining 258HUB? All you need to do is to begin a conversation with us about hosting your courses on our platform. Contact us today to see if we’re a right fit for you!
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Firewall Warning

Please be aware that some schools and workplaces may have a firewall that prevents you from taking our courses at your school or workplace. 258HUB is aware of the issue, and we are working to fix it. Thank you for your patience!
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